Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar roofing adds a unique appeal to your home. Their natural beauty and architectural versatility have made this material a favorite among architects, builders and homeowners. Cedar shakes and shingles are built to withstand all elements such as high winds, extreme temperatures and freeze-thaw or moist conditions found here in the Northwest. Cedar's wood structure makes it an excellent insulator. This high insulation value will reduce the energy you need to heat and cool your home throughout the year.  Both fire-retardant and preservative treated cedar shakes and shingles are available.

Choose from hand split cedar in medium or heavy width, and taper sawn in both medium and heavy width also to enhance your home appearance.

Cedar Shake Features


  • Beautiful Selections for your Home

  • Resists All Weather Conditions

  • Stays Insulated, Saving Energy

  • Fire Resistant Available