Roofing Solutions

Composition Roof

Composition roofing is the leading choice by homeowners in the Northwest because of their durability, quality and economy. Composition roofing provides many choices of patterns, styles, and colors to choose from. We supply the top manufacturers of composition roofing products that are designed for Washington weather. Most roofing material manufacturers offer a lifetime guarentee with their composition products. Not only does composition roof work for most homeowners, it is also the most affordable roofing solution available.

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Cedar Shake


We offer all types of wood shakes and wood shingles. Cedar wood roofing can offer a unique appeal to your roof. Their natural beauty and architectural versatility have made this material a favorite among architects, builders and homeowners.



Metal roofs are available in steel, tin, aluminum, and copper in many different looks and styles. This type of roofing is a light weight, durable, low maintenance option that is very weather resistant and has a long life span.



With Flat Roofing there are several types of vinyl and granuled membrane products, as well as fibered asphalt emulsion products. This is a common roofing type for both home and businesses; a commercial roofing system is installed for flat roofed structures.